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InterCombi in action with heavy road transport assignment

in the Schwäbisch Hall district

In the middle of April, numerous residents in the district of Schwäbisch Hall were astonished to see a heavy transport load negotiating the local roads under the auspices of one of our customers, Spedition Kübler.

A route full of challenging obstacles had to be overcome in order to transport the 272 t transformer from the Kübler depot in Schwäbisch Hall to its final destination in Kupferzell: narrow streets, bridges, roundabouts, trees, masts, signs – everything imaginable. Very intensive planning was required which actually took 1.5 years in total. The result is impressive – bridges could easily be driven over due to an axle extension and the resulting load distribution, the load could be lifted by 1.50 m by means of the hydraulic girder bridge thus being raised above obstacles, and the InterCombi modular platform trailer for road transport with its high load-bearing vehicle construction and extremely efficient manoeuverability was ideally suited for transportation through the narrow village streets.

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