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InterCombi and UltralightCombi being used by Rostock Trans

for the transport of wind tower segments destined for the Gohlocher Wald wind farm

The extremely manoeuvrable modular platform trailer with a steering angle of +/-60° is optimally suited for transportation assignments on routes featuring challenging obstacles such as tight bends and roundabouts, traffic lights and traffic signs. Rostock Trans optimized the transport of the conical tower segment by placing the wind tower on the rear bogie unit whereby the vehicle's length was shortened. Through the use of the continuously adjustable wind tower adapter on a 3 + 5 combination together with the weight-optimized UltralightCombi U0, tower segments weighing 80 tonnes and having a diameter of up to 5.5 m can be reliably and safely moved. Likewise available is the rotating tower adapter with its integrated free-turning device which makes the transport of 100t tower segments also in confined conditions even easier – by raising the tower adapter, roundabouts are no longer a problem.

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