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22 km vertical transport

of 29 metre high tower segments

The Østerild wind turbine test area in Denmark is used for testing wind turbines with total heights of up to 250 metres. Turbine blades of up to 110 metres long need to be accommodated - correspondingly large are also the prefabricated tower segments. The fact that these can be easily and reliably moved by self-propelled transporters over long distances was impressivley demonstrated by Mammoet Wind with the help of SCHEUERLE SPMTs. Due to the pre-installation of electric components, the turbine had to be transported in a vertical position. SCHEUERLE SPMTs were used to ensure the safest and most stable transport possible for a very high central weight. Through the modular construction, extremely high weights and high point loads can be accommodated. The entire operation involved a total transport weight of more than 700 tonnes - a world record for transporting a wind turbine.

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